Our Team

Though everyone has a ministry in the church, here are some of the people who serve by helping others serve.

They are committed to helping the church grow in grace and truth. 

  • Cielo

    Cielo has a passion for church  She helps us by creating opportunities for people to learn and grow in Christ.  Outside of her service at church, she works full time and enjoy playing Pokemon Go and Words with Friends.


  • David

    David serves as our pastor.  When he's not at the church, he will be at Peet's reading a book, running or watching a basketball game.  Helping people grow emotionally and spiritually is his passion.  

  • Ringo

    Pastor Ringo has been a part of our church for almost 20 years.  He became a disciple here and began a journey of study and preparation to become a minister.  Outside of serving the church, he loves the Warriors and the Giants.