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Alpha Online is a series of group conversations that explore life, spirituality, and faith through a Christian lens.  The course provides a safe space where it’s easy for anyone--atheist, skeptic, or curious--to explore the questions of life with new friends. If you want to know more, we would love for you to try Session One of Alpha Online. It will be a fun evening where you can find out if Alpha is for you. If you don't enjoy it, you don't have to return.

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What to Expect

Trying a church can be frightening to say the least.  We hope the information below will help you.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.

What Happens in Church

Our service consists of about 15 minutes of congregational singing and prayers.  We then spend some time greeting one another.  Next our pastor will speak for about 20 minutes.  Our service ends with communion.  You will not be forced to participate in anything, nor will you be singled out.  We want you to experience God at your own pace.  Join us, learn and ask as many questions as you have. 

What About Children

All children are welcome in our service.  On those occasions when the little ones become restless we do have a family room where you can listen to the service. We also hope to add children's church (kindergarten through 4th grade) as an option soon for the duration of the sermon. 

How Should I Dress?

Come casual.  Women wear slacks, dresses and jeans.  Men wear jeans, slacks or even shorts on those really hot days.  In other words, we're flexible.